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Legal Stuff

The images used in the tutorials, in this documentation, and in the About Box of the program are the property of Keith Wiley. I reserve all rights on these images and they may not be reproduced or manipulated except as part of this tutorial or as part of a distribution of this entire software package. Thank you for respecting the hard work I have put into capturing these images.

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This program highly affordable shareware. For the endless hours of work I have put into creating this utility I ask that you please pay me $15.00, which automatically registers you for all future versions. In return I will place you on an extremely infrequent mailing list to be directly notified of version updates when they occur. I can be paid in two ways. One, by PayPal to the account (for payments under $12.00) or (for payments over $12.00), or two, by personal check or cash. Since my mailing address may change from time to time, I will not put it here. Instead, email me if you are interested in paying by that method.

Thank you very much.

Keith Wiley