Astrophotography Telescopes and Accessories

Orion SkyView Deluxe 6" f/4.9
German equatorial mount
Orion Accutrack SVD electronic drive on RA axis
6x30 finder scope
Meade LX200 8" f/6.3 Goto
wedge equatorial mount
Fully motorized and computerized
6x30 finder scope

Below: From left to right, back to front: 32 mm, 25 mm, and 9 mm plossl eyepieces, a camera adapter, 2X, 3X and 4X barlow lenses, a SkyGlow filter (decreases suburban skyglow to increase contrast of nebulas), a two-piece freely rotating polarizing filter (comes apart if you only want a single polarizing filter for reducing glare in landscape viewing or daytime blue-sky), a moon filter, and red #25, green #58, blue #80A, and yellow #15 planetary filters (not pictured: Meade 26mm plossl eyepiece and Mogg .63 focal reducer):

Below: A piggyback adapter for attaching various cameras to the telescope "piggyback" style, a Mogg adapter for attaching the various webcams to the telescope, either at prime focus, or with barlow lenses, and a laser collimator for collimating the scope (especially useful for newtonian scopes and fast scopes, my scope is both):