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Keith Wiley


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  • Programming : Python, Java, C, C++ (Familiarity: Obj-C, Matlab/Octave)
  • Tools: PyCharm, Eclipse, IPython Notebook/Jupyter, Xcode, Subversion, Git, Docker (Familiarity: Selenium, Intellij, Doxygen, CPPUnit)
  • MapReduce/Data pipelines : Hadoop/HDFS (Cloudera, NSF CluE), Java MR, C++/Python Streaming MR, Hive-Python plugins, Hue, EMR, Storm, streamparse (Familiarity: Spark)
  • Cloud : Tier 3, Hadoop-on-Azure, AWS/EMR/EC2/S3, Cloudera Manager (also direct-Hadoop-EC2 (nonEMR))
  • SQL/NoSQL : Hive, Spark SQL, Salesforce, Oracle, MySQL (Familiarity: Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, Riak, Redis, others)
  • Analytics : scikit-learn, basic ML (decision trees, random forests), matplotlib (Familiarity: Splunk, Tableau)
  • APIs : LinkedIn, Twitter, OpenLayers, general RESTful concepts
  • Web : HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl/CGI (Familiarity: Javascript, Open Street Map, OpenLayers)
  • Science : Image (FFT, wavelet, coaddition) and Acoustic (spectrogram, octave-band) signal processing
  • Mobile Development : Android, AndEngine


Ph.D. Computer Science

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Jul 2006

M.S. Computer Science

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Dec 2003

B.A. Psychology

University of Maryland, College Park

Dec 1997


Integris Software Inc., Oct 2016 – present

Senior Software Engineer – Data pipeline development of a tech startup's nascent flagship product. For IP reasons, the framework is not described here, but is available for discussion during an application process.

Atigeo, Aug 2013 – Sep 2016

Senior Software Engineer & Data Scientist/Engineer – Developed Hive/MapReduce/Spark Python modules for ML & predictive analytics in Hadoop/Hive/Hue on AWS. Implemented a Python-based distributed random forest via Hive/Python streaming. ETL (ingest/clean/munge/transform) data for feature extraction toward later classification.

Primary designer/developer of a scikit-learn random forest & ensemble ML pipeline for cross-fold-validated predictive analytics, including insight via feature importance exposure. Statistical analysis & visualization of ML results via ROC curves & AUC.

Onboarded multiple new hires, familiarizing them with our vast, complex data pipeline and databases.

Primary designer/developer of a pipeline that ingests/catalogs/stores/analyzes new datasets with final analytics/visualization. This project implemented an SOW whose completion was the keystone of a seven-figure contract.

Expedia via Slalom Consulting placement, Dec 2012 – Jul 2013

Big Data Engineer, Consultant – Brief MongoDB project, then Hadoop/Hive on AWS, using EMR and nonEMR-Hadoop in EC2. Tasks: EC2-to-S3 data synch., Hive stand-up, AWS profiling. Accomplishments: Hadoop 2.0/YARN EC2 deployment. Amazon's own engineers were curious about my progress.

Slalom Consulting, Feb 2012 – Jul 2013

Big Data Engineer, ConsultantNational Mobility team (under Jeff Rubingh), National BI team (under Kevin Gregory), developing big data processing techniques. Focus: Hadoop MapReduce, Hive, Cloudera, Tier 3, Hadoop-on-Azure. Topics: CRM, NY MTA, Linked-In/Twitter APIs, some OpenLayers visualization.

University of Washington, Dept. of Astronomy, Feb 2010 – Jan 2012

Research Scientist IV – LSST group (mgr. Andrew Connolly). Development of massively parallel image processing routines in Hadoop, namely image coaddition (multiple partially overlapping images are registered, stacked, and mosaiced together). Test dataset: SDSSDB (30TB, 4 million images), future applications to LSST (60PBs). Cluster (NSF CluE): 892 machines, 700TB storage, 3568 concurrent processes.

University of Washington, Applied Physics Lab, May 2007 – Feb 2010

Software Engineer IV – Proj. 1: Sonar Simulation Toolkit (under Robert Goddard), an eigenray model of underwater acoustics: Incorporation of external libraries, OO design, feature development, optimization/performance- redesign, refactorization, unit-testing. Proj. 2: a real-time data-acquisition/FFT-processing system with low data-loss tolerances, rapid throughput, and amenability to future parallelism.

University of New Mexico, 1999 – 2007

Course Instructor (Jan 2007 – May 2007) – CS241, Data structures/algorithms, taught in C.
Graduate TAs and RAs (Sep 1999 – May 2006) – taught 200–300-level C++ (6 semesters), various research.

The Institute for Genomic Research, Sep 1997 – Aug 1999

Software Developer – C++ bioinformatics software development for DNA sequencing tools and closure analysis.

Personal Projects

Sample only. Please see my website for a comprehensive listing and github for a few public disseminations.

Image/Acoustic Signal Processing

Keith's Image Stacker: Multi-threaded (aka parallel) image stacking, Laplacian sharpening, wavelet denoising. Used by amateur astrophotographers, reviewed online and in Astronomy and Sky & Telescope.

WildSpectra (collaboration: Dr. R. Haven Wiley, Biology dept, UNC-CH): Mac real-time spectrogram analyzer, used in Dr. Wiley's research lab and by researchers throughout the acoustic-biology community.

Keith's iPod Photo Reader: Extracts images from iPod .ithmb image files. Implementation required reverse-engineering the image format from scratch.

Data Analytics/Dynamic Websites

Neuromorphic CM1K Emulator A Python emulator of General Vision's CM1K neuromorphic chip, including slides presenting modeling experiments. See personal website or github for more info.

Movie Hurl ( A Perl-driven website of “shaky-cam” movie ratings, offering weighted averages and personalized predictions from correlated user-pair ratings. See New York Times article below.


Petri (game): grow a cell culture in a Petri dish, fend off invasive cultures and phage outbreaks.

WildSpectra Mobile: Real-time scrolling spectrograms (FFT and octave-band) on Android devices. Also: real-time waveform & FFT/octave spectrum, and post-recording editing/playback and file I/O.

Shead Spreet: Spread sheet for Android devices with 300,000 installs, 8500 sales, and a 4.3/5 rating.

Distributed Computing

Distributed Mandelbrot Set: Generates fractal images by farming job-segments to multiple computers. Networking coded from scratch using sockets. Automatic load-balancing ensures optimal performance.


Druid (PhD thesis): Vector drawing program which permits interwoven surfaces (Celtic knots, Olympic rings, etc.) and which provides an isomorphic efficient user interface.

Simulation: Artificial life, evolutionary/genetic algorithms, cellular automata, robotics, flocking (please see my website).

Web Design:,,

Positions, Publicity, Awards

• Movie Hurl, New York Times:, 2015.

• Numerous interviews & articles following my book's publication (see my website for links), 2014–2015.

• Advisor to the Brain Preservation Foundation, 2014–present.

• Science Advisor to the Lifeboat Foundation, 2011–present.

• Proceedings chair for the Computer Science at UNM Student Conference committee, 2006.

Sky & Telescope magazine. Software review: Keith's Image Stacker and Keith's Astroimager, p. 110, Aug 2004.

• First place in the first International Online Artificial Life Creator's Contest, Cyberbotics Webots, khepera robot sim., Jul 1999.

Graduate Research (sample)

Winter 2003–Summer 2006, Ph.D. thesis
Design and implementation of Druid (see Personal Projects above).

Spring 2001–Spring 2002, Autonomous Robotic Glider, UNM C.S. Dept/Sandia National Labs
Use of genetic programming trees to evolve behavioral routines for autonomous robotic unpowered gliders.



A Taxonomy and Metaphysics of Mind-Uploading. Humanity+ Press and Alautun Press, 2014.

Peer Reviewed

The Fallacy of Favoring Gradual Replacement Mind Uploading Over Scan-and-Copy. JoCS, 2016.

Astronomy in the Cloud: Using MapReduce for Image Co-Addition. PASP, 2011.

Astronomical Image Processing with Hadoop. ADASS, 2010.

Parallel Distributed Image Coaddition with Hadoop. Yahoo Hadoop Summit, 2010.

Representation of Interwoven Surfaces in 2½D Drawing. IEEE CG&A, 2006.

Representation of Interwoven Surfaces in 2½D Drawing. CHI, 2006.

Submitted or Under Review

Mind Uploading and the Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. 2015.

The Fermi Paradox, Self-Replicating Probes, and the Interstellar Transportation Bandwidth. 2011. (also available on arxiv).


Long Exposure Webcams and Image Stacking Techniques. The Art and Science of CCD Astronomy, 2005.

Long Exposure Webcams and Image Stacking Techniques for the Budget-Minded Astrophotographer. Astronomy, 2003.

Pattern Evolver, An Evolutionary Algorithm that Solves the Nonintuitive Problem of Black and White Pixel Distribution to Produce Tiled Patterns that Appear Gray. The Handbook of Genetic Algorithms, 1999.


Mind Uploading and The Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. IEET, 2015. (also available on IEET's website).

The Fallacy of Favoring Gradual Replacement Mind Uploading Over Scan-and-Copy. IEET, 2015. (also available on IEET's website).

'Interstellar' Might Depict AI Slavery. H+ Magazine, 2014. (also available on H+ Magazine's website).

Response to Susan Schneider's The Philosophy of 'Her'. H+ Magazine, 2014. (also available on H+ Magazine's website).

Implications of Computerized Intelligence on Interstellar Travel. H+ Magazine, 2011. (also available on H+ Magazine's website).