Many of my essays are quite old. They were, in effect, written by a person who longer exists in that my views, beliefs, and overall philosophy have grown and evolved over the years. Consequently, if I were to write on the same topics again, the resulting essays might differ significantly from their current versions. Rather than edit my essays to remain contemporary with my views, I have chosen to preserve them as a record of my past inclinations and writing style. Thank you for understanding.

April 2001

Mars vs Europa

Where should we be looking for life

Brief Description

It seems like everyone's in a tizzy about Mars doesn't it? Well, I certainly qualify. I think Mars is a fascinating place, worthy of extensive exploration. I believe that the chances of finding signs of past life on Mars aren't entirely neglible. However, by far, the most interesting place in the solar system (aside from Earth of course) is Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. Europa is covered in a several-mile thick layer of ice, beneath which it is widely believed that a tremendous liquid water ocean has existed for millenia. Water is the most fundamental basis of life on Earth, and if our understanding of life on Earth is any indication, where there is water, life can almost always take hold.

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