Many of my essays are quite old. They were, in effect, written by a person who longer exists in that my views, beliefs, and overall philosophy have grown and evolved over the years. Consequently, if I were to write on the same topics again, the resulting essays might differ significantly from their current versions. Rather than edit my essays to remain contemporary with my views, I have chosen to preserve them as a record of my past inclinations and writing style. Thank you for understanding.

April 2001


The truest evil

Brief Description

To engage in evangelism (usually a Christian behavior) proves that you place no value on my beliefs, that you don't even acknowledge that there is a value in my beliefs for me, even if you don't accept those beliefs yourself. This demonstrates the most fundamental form of disrespect you can show for my beliefs: the purposeful, intentional goal of eradicating my beliefs and culture and replacing them with your own. It is a form of genocide, except that instead of killing people, you are killing their entire culture, lifestyle, history, religion, and beliefs. It is an utterly dispicable form of behavior.

Full Description

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