Many of my essays are quite old. They were, in effect, written by a person who longer exists in that my views, beliefs, and overall philosophy have grown and evolved over the years. Consequently, if I were to write on the same topics again, the resulting essays might differ significantly from their current versions. Rather than edit my essays to remain contemporary with my views, I have chosen to preserve them as a record of my past inclinations and writing style. Thank you for understanding.

April 2001

Genetically Modified Foods

Hippies and new-agers don't always make the right call

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A lot of people say they don't like the idea of putting "chemicals" in their body. Such a statement speaks so much ignorance that I barely know where to begin responding. Some people say we shouldn't play God. As I said in the section on human cloning, you better define God before claiming to know how he plays. Then you will have to prove that you know how God plays. Finally, you will have to prove that he doesn't want us to replicate his playing. Some people think it's just plain risky. Well you know what? So is riding an airplane. Deal with it. As a last possibility, perhaps you simply don't trust companies engaging in genetically modified food research. Well, on this point we are in total agreement, but I don't believe this warrants stopping such research. Instead I believe that it warrants doing the research properly.

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