Many of my essays are quite old. They were, in effect, written by a person who longer exists in that my views, beliefs, and overall philosophy have grown and evolved over the years. Consequently, if I were to write on the same topics again, the resulting essays might differ significantly from their current versions. Rather than edit my essays to remain contemporary with my views, I have chosen to preserve them as a record of my past inclinations and writing style. Thank you for understanding.

Under peer-review as of late 2015

Mind Uploading and the Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

The long version of this paper is currently under review. There is also a shorter and slightly reorganized version of this paper available at IEET.

For the time being, I have not duplicated the various versions of this paper in HTML here, unlike the other articles offered on this site. To see the publicly available version, please read the version provided on IEET's website. I hope to be able to publicize the long version in 2016. Thank you.

I would really like to hear what people think of this. If you prefer private feedback, you can email me at kwiley@keithwiley.com. Alternatively, the following form and comment section is available.


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