Vertigo is a pretty simple game to understand. It's Asteroids from inside the cockpit. However, while blasting rocks certainly has its appeal, this game turned out to be a really exciting space-based dogfight game where you battle it out with enemy ships. Everything about the game is rendered in vivid 3D graphics using the Quesa wrapper around Quickdraw 3D. There are three different types of ships, varying in their speed, maneuverability, shields, and weapons-holding capacity. Part of the challenge of the game is to become adept at flying all three ships. You can download Vertigo at the bottom of the page.

Vertigo is equipped with a variety of weapons including ion bolts (a simple ballistic projectile), lasers, bombs, and extremely lethal homing-missiles. The player also has an advanced detailed radar system that shows all objects in the game and portrays their position in three-dimensional space in relation to the player's position and orientation.

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Vertigo is not free. It is shareware. Vertigo costs $10 is you decide to keep it. Please honor the shareware agreement and pay for Vertigo if you keep it. Directions on how to register and pay for the game are supplied in the documentation.

Please let me know if you like Vertigo. I would really love to know what people think of it. Thanks.

Download Vertigo (MacOS required)