Wild Spectra

Wild Spectra is a collaborative project managed and implemented by myself and my dad, Dr. R. Haven Wiley, in the biology department at UNC at Chapel Hill. Wild Spectra is a real time spectrogram and audio analysis program. As sound is recorded, the spectrogram for the recording scrolls across the screen live. After recording, the user can perform time-section and frequency-section analysis on the recording. Wild Spectra is intended for scientific applications and is used for ornothological study as well as tree frog research. However, it is a general audio analysis tool and can easily be applied to any similar audio analysis task.

The main Wild Spectra webpage is not located on this website. It is hosted on Dr. Wiley's website and UNC. The link below will take you directly to the Wild Spectra webpage where you can learn more about the program and download it if you wish.

Go to the Wild Spectra website (MacOS required)